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July 16, 2015

Congratulations, you have made it to the end of Ramadan. If you live in Alberta chances are you fasted for many hours. Ramadan is always such a beautiful month and I am always so blessed that Allah has allowed me to complete another year. The only thing is during the holy month I get Ramadan brain. So I have made a list of some do's and donts that I realized this year.


1) Grocery shopping: I have bought so many useless ingredients that I do not need or will ever use but they looked so amazing. They actually talk to me and sometimes they seduce me to buy them. Once iftar happens we break up and I don't even eat them.

2) Pinterest: Worst thing that I could have possibly done in Ramadan is go and check out recipes on pinterest. All of a sudden I thought I was Gordon Ramsey. After today, Pinterest, I am breaking up with you.

3) DON'T WORK: Out of the whole year, my work decides to pick these 30 days to have BBQ's and test taste every type of ice cream there is. Pizza parties, and slurpee parties on the daily. I wanted to quit...but I didn't I just watched like a punk.

4) Shopping: Why did I think this was such an amazing idea. Walking for more than 45 minutes with every type of beautiful food aroma attacking your nose isn't cool. Once I get to the mall I have no energy to try on any clothes...again why did I go?

5) Over Eating: Hey you've been fasting for many hours, so when iftar happens you are going to eat like it is going out of style. Listen nobody is judging you, other than your stomach. Food comas aren't fun. Too many this Ramadan...too many.


1) Sleep: If you are able to take a nap during the day, you are the real MVP and I don't care what anyone else says.

2) Reflect- This month allows you to be more cautious of the way you speak and allows you to reflect on whether or not these are healthy choices you are making. Also it is a time to be mindful of God and all the great things we are spoiled to have. 

3) Family Time: Since all the children in my family are all over 20, we have pretty busy and demanding schedules. My all time favorite thing about Ramadan is the fact that we are always making time to break our fast with our family members.

4) Patience: Patience is hard to have on any regular day let alone when you have no food in your stomach. The beauty of patience is that it allows to solve problems, and see the world differently. But straight up the last 10 days my patience has been tested....just being honest lol.


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