New Years Eve!

Hey Everyone! 

Lets get something straight here: NEW YEAR NEW ME haha, I have to stop saying that but I probably won't. If you know anything about me you would know that New Years Eve is my favourite day. All my family gets together, which means two things: food is involved as well as games. The other thing you need to know about me is that IM A SAVAGE when I play games and I take them very serious. In other words don't play Monopoly with me...ever. 

Anyways so I got ready for the night and my husband is like where are you going dressed like that aren't you a bit too dressed up? I said HON-EEEE-YYYY you can never be too dressed up. 

Typically I hate the store Simons but my whole outfit is from there and a guest experience by the one and only CHANEL brooch. To say it is life changing is an understatement (yes first world problems, I don't care). 

Jacket: Simons Dress: Simons Shoes: Ted Baker Hijab: Afflatus Hijab Sunglasses: Michael Kors Brooch: Chanel Watch: TbT Watches

Thank you for reading, 

Afflatus Hijab xo 

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