Welcome to Afflatus Hijab! The word Afflatus is pronounced like uh-fley-tus. Many people have asked what the word Afflatus means; it means a divine creative impulse or inspiration. This is exactly what this line represents. Afflatus encompasses both aspects of modesty and fashion. Each dress is designed to be full length with long sleeves and each skirt is designed to be full length so there is no need for alterations. As a female Muslim living in the West sometimes it is hard to find fashion forward clothing that fits our religious needs. Furthermore, Afflatus Hijab prides itself on being socially conscious. Our business stands for women empowerment and spreading awareness around mental health. I had an Afflatus moment to create this line for both Hijabis and non Hijabis. Our motto at Afflatus is "Who says you can't be modest and fashionable at the same time?"
We are based out of Edmonton, Alberta Canada <3