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July 20, 2015

My recent life blogs have been more serious and I thought it was time to  brighten up the mood. My cousin recently brought up an old blog that I used to have, that only a few people knew about (lets keep it like that). Random things always happen to me so that's what I wrote about it. I will revisit a blog and share it on the Afflatus blog. 

Let's go back to about 2012. If you have been reading my blogs you would know that aside from Afflatus I also work for the City. In my position I present to all the schools in St Albert on different types of issues they may be having as a class or as a school. Initially I got hired to just work with elementary but soon after I would take over the Junior high and High school. 

I had my first presentation with a Junior high class and I'm not going to lie, I was nervous, I wanted to impress them....I don't know why lol. I just wanted them to think I was cool, or hip to the jive (that wasn't cool). Anyways I went and bought a new outfit and new red shimmery Dior lip gloss. I never wore red lip stick ever but I was there to make a statement. I parked my car looked into my mirror for one final check and thought to myself "girl you are on FLEEK," they are going to love this new royal blue blazer and the red lips are going to scream VOGUE. 

I walked into that classroom like I owned it. The kids seemed like they were listening and were really into what I was saying. I thought to myself wow Im like the modern day Ghandi, changing lives one day at a time. Then the kids were really paying attention to my face, and I was like wow connections were being made. 

I went back to my car, with a huge smile on my face, and thought to myself...yup aced it. Before I turned my car on I checked my self out one more time and I was HORRIFIED. My lip gloss literally ran away from my lips. It looked like a red Kool Aid moustache but it was 360 degrees. Oh what about the sparkles you ask? They FOLLOWED THE GLOSS. Anyways I realized the kids were not listening to me at all, rather starring at the osmosis taking place on my face. I said BYE FELICIA to red lip gloss/lipstick because it did me dirty. I haven't worn that Dior lipgloss ever since and my anxiety with presenting to Junior high and High school kids began with that class. Good times. 


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