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August 5, 2015

I'm running on 3 hours of sleep right now because I had an eventful night yesterday. I started to wind down to go to bed at around 10:30 pm because I had to be up for work in the morning. Five minutes after I put my head on my pillow I hear a strange noise coming from outside of my window. It sounded like a baby crying mixed with an animal dying. I wanted to go see what was happening outside but straight up I was so scared. The sound kept getting louder and more frequent. I went to my sisters room and asked her did you hear that noise? She's like the one of the baby crying? I'M LIKE YES!!! Should I check it out? My sister then says to me no don't check, haven't you ever heard of how pedophiles catch kids (THAT'S RIGHT I AM A KID), they make crying baby sounds. Now I am getting really scared and probably shouldn't of listened to her. I ask her should I call the cops? She's like umm I don't know.

I go back to my room and try to sleep, and the crying/dying animal noise continues on. So I did what any gangster would do I called the cops at around 11:30 pm. I AM A SNITCH and I don't care. I explained to the cop what was happening and he didn't seem impressed and then asked if it was a cat. A cat? I know what a cat sounds like I have one (this is where I began to get cocky). He then tells me he will send out a few cops to check the situation out. The sound continues.

At around 2:00 am all of a sudden I hear doors slamming and flashlights surrounding my house. I look out my window and it looks like a Police SWAT van with two officers shinning their flashlights. I'm like okay good they finally came, but I hope to God they don't knock on the door because my family is going to kill me. All of a sudden the one cop starts knocking on the door and then the knocking went to slamming, he was literally playing the darbake (Arabic drum) on my door. I didn't want to go down because I thought they would give up...NOPE they went hard. I finally go down in my jogging pants, a house robe, and a loose hijab. I was more worried that my outfit wasn't properly put together because I am sure they follow my fashion blog lol. 

The first cop says "did you call us?" I said yes but at this point I'm shaking because I literally feel like I committed a crime. He then says what happened I try to explain, and then imitate the sound that I heard. The other cop which, looks like a younger version of Bruce Willis starts laughing. He asks "are you sure it wasn't a cat? No, I know what a cat sounds like. He's like make that sound again and at the point we are all laughing. I'm like I am sorry for making you guys come here but I am just scared lol. They tell me they will continue to search the area. Side note: they were really nice!

The minute they leave the sound reappears and at this point I'm like okay, this is the Day of Judgement and that is the Jin outside lol, things escalated quickly haha. Somehow I finally fall asleep. I come into work today and I was talking with my supervisor and she's like you look a little tired. I'm like that's because I am! Please let me tell you what happened. I explain, she's like are you sure it wasn't a cat in heat, I'm like no, I know what a cat sounds like. She's like I hope you didn't call the cops...umm. I did. She then pulls up a video on Youtube of a cat in heat, and that's when I realize how EMBARRASSED I AM because it is the same sound from last night. Literally crying from laughter and embarrassment all at the same time. So this is my public apology for wasting tax payers money. SORRY!


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