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 September 13, 2015

I'll continue to share some of my personal but yet embarrassing moments with you guys because I honestly think they are hilarious (maybe I am the only one that finds them funny). If you don't find them funny, just pretend to laugh. Let me take you back in time to 2013. My best friend Melissa (the one in the previous post who tried killing me) moved to London, England for two years. She had moved to London in May and I went to go visit her in September. She wasn't super familiar with everything just yet. 

I quickly realized how good looking everyone was there, and how well dressed people were. Their ugly days were my "omg I spent years getting ready days." Any who's we decided to go out and do some sight seeing, so I wasn't really dressed in the best attire and neither was she. 

I walked into a gift shop to buy a frame that says "London," on it because I am a dork lol. I went to go pay for it and the guy at one of the counters was selling cell phone cases. He tells me to buy one, Im like no thanks, then he says to me give me your whats app. EXSQUEEZE ME, who do you think you be? You aint even cute (my inner Missy Elliot came out). And to be honest I didn't even know what whats app really was I always thought it was called whats up. He kept asking me to give him my whats app and I kept saying no. He then tells me to go to the other till to pay for my frame. I was like RUDE but okay whatever I really wanted the frame lol. I buy the frame from the guy and he puts it in a bag and off we go. 

Melissa is like I've always wanted to go to this rooftop restaurant, want to go? I was like okay! I am still holding my bag with the frame and we are both not really dressed to our full potential. There is what seems to be like a butler at the elevator that takes you up to this place. I was like hmm maybe this is how they do it here. We get to the roof top and everyone literally looks like they are farting out hundred dollar bills. We could've passed to be their maids lol. But everyone kept looking at us but more specifically me. I was like well, well, well, just call me the babe magnet of the century. I quickly realized they weren't really starring at me but rather my hand. I was like they are obviously checking if I am sporting a wedding ring...duh!! But I finally look down at the bag that the guy gave me and I have never been so embarrassed lol. There was a huge picture of a cat and on the top it said: Prescription Diet: Feline Urinary Care. WHYYYYYYYYY?? WHYYYY ME??  We laughed so hard but yet cried a little on the inside and left that place as fast as we could. 

Moral of the story is WHATS APP IS THE DEVIL and CATS ARE EVIL.

Thank you for reading my blog xo!


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