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November 1, 2015

I am going to tell you the story about my last Halloween ever. I put the hijab on in grade 4 and back then there wasn't much that you could do as a hijabi on Halloween, in other words I wasn't using my creative juices. The only thing that worked for me was being a gypsy. Cool right?  WRONG. I looked like those pictures that the Canadian Arab kids took when they went back home for vacation. There were black dots all over my face, heavy eye liner, and some really bad pink/red Anna Nicole Smith lipstick. My outfit consisted of my hijab put to the side (I know badass, but we all need to break the rules sometimes), white shirt, and a black velvet skirt. Looking back I wish I bullied myself for that horrible costume (jk I love you mom). 

Back in the day, October 31 obviously screamed Halloween but it was also a reminder at how FREEZING cold it was that day, the snow was always knee high deep. Kids these days have it so easy, you're so lucky global warming kicked in for your generation (I am kidding Al Gore lovers). Moving on, my mom told me that I had to wear jeans under my skirt because of the temperature as well as my winter jacket. So in other words my night time costume looked like I was performing Hajj, I looked like a little lady. All good though because we were ready to embark on a pilgrimage of a lifetime, which was collecting candy and chocolate. 

Halfway through our journey of collecting candy and chocolate like peasants my legs felt less constricted. I looked down and was mortified to see that my skirt was MISSING. I didn't know how to tell my mom so I looked for it on my own until it became an SOS moment. I let my mom and my "crew" know that my skirt was gone (I still was wearing the jeans underneath) and we all started looking for it. At the end of the night, we just couldn't find it and my mom assured me it was okay that I had lost it. After an exhausting night of trick or treating and smelling my feet jokes we finally arrived back at home. I took off my shoes, then took off my jacket and was in complete SHOCK, my skirt some how had rolled up all the way to my waist. I was happy and embarrassed at the same time. That is when I realized I am retiring my gypsy attire as well as my Halloween escapades. 


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