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July 8, 2014

I would like to start off by wishing everyone a happy Ramadan! Ramadan is one of my favorite months of the year, it allows for a time of reflection, understanding, and a sense of unity within our Muslim community. Living in North America as a Muslim is quite fascinating, people have so many questions about Ramadan and many have embraced it as well as shown support. Every year I hear a bunch of different questions being asked pertaining to Ramadan. Here are some of the questions or statements I get:


1)   You fast for 30 days straight??

 2)   You can drink water right?

3)   You can’t even chew gum???

4)   I would literally die if I had to fast…literally

5)   It would be impossible for me not to drink water I wouldn’t be able to function.

6)   Do you lose any weight?

7)   Maybe I should do this fasting thing, got to shed a few pounds.


Problems Muslims have during Ramadan:


1)   Right when Ramadan starts for some reason, the weather outside is always plus 25 degrees or higher. In Edmonton we wait for summer to come all year but it only starts to shine bright when we can’t eat. (Alhamdiallah)

2)   When you go grocery shopping everything looks extra good. You go in for a can of hummas you come out with each ice cream and chip flavor the store has.

3)   Slurpee’s become this fantasy you have during the day.

4)   You’re always scared to talk to someone just incase you smack them across the face with your Ramadan breath.

5)   Out of no where there is always surprise staff lunches

6)   During Ramadan for some odd reason free food and drinks are thrown at you so tempting.

7)   You’re dying of hunger and thirst all day but once you are able to break your fast, you can only eat a little before getting full.

What are some questions you get asked about Ramadan or what struggles do you have?


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