Suehaila Sage Satin Maxi Dress

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$ 75.00 CAD

Our next piece is named after Suehaila who is a mother of three beautiful children. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 21. Her first born was 3 at the time, so hearing the word cancer was frightening and not a word a new mother wants to hear. It was a tough new journey for Suehaila and her family, she underwent surgery and was considered clear. Along that same year in 1993 the cancer had spread to her ovary, they caught it in time and removed it. Upon recovery the doctor communicated to Suehaila that it would be impossible to conceive and to forget the idea of having more children, she had accepted that and focused on her son. They had also gave her a two year life expectancy. She had witnessed 8 birthdays and her son was eager to have siblings, so she had to sit down with him and explain to him that it is Gods gift and maybe Allah can hear his prayer. That year Suehaila was blessed with a miracle baby girl, the joy and healing of her family began although she was still under her doctors care. Two years later she got pregnant again and her health was weaker, at 26 weeks her second daughter was born and she became a proud mother of three. She watched them grow and nourished them with love and care and got to witness all the milestones she never thought would be possible in her early 20’s. In her early 30’s and onward she underwent over 15 surgeries, when all was said and done she was in remission for 25 years. In 2017 she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, which spread to all her bones. Earlier this year she was faced with another battle of an aggressive type of stage 3 fast spreading breast cancer; she is fighting it and is stronger than ever. Cancer it self is a journey, but you walk the path alone (you do the treatments and scans by yourself) that in itself can be scary and it can have a negative impact on ones mental health. Suehaila always sees herself as warrior. It is important to have hope and strong faith that anything is possible and miracles do happen. Cancer didnt bring her down it made her stronger! Cancer cannot cripple love or shatter your hopes and dreams. Her advice is to surround yourself with people who love and truly care about you. Remember to pamper yourself in every way possible. Make yourself look good and feel good in your own eyes. Feel confident and dont let anyone bring you down. She has never lost hope and she never will. Every day comes where she is witnessing gifts and miracles from God and her and her family take it day by day.


The Suehaila sage dress has amazing details on the wrists with the multicoloured beading. What we love about this dress is the drop hem on the sleeve, which creates more room in the chest. This dress is quite roomy you can wear a belt with it or wear it loose.