Stephanie Gruhle- van de Ligt Infinity Modest Dress

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$ 50.00 CAD

Our next piece is named after Stephanie Gruhle- van de Ligt. Stephanie was diagnosed in 2017 at the age of 30 with breast cancer. When asked what her initial reaction was when she first heard her diagnosis she explained it was shock, fear, and anger. She was truly upset because she took pride in her health and how she took care of herself and didn't understand how she could be diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. When asked Stephanie how living with cancer affected her mental health she explained she struggled with it, today she struggles when it comes to any sort of scan or test. She goes in for an annual MRI and sometimes semi annual mammograms and physicals. It’s hard to not let herself over think the smallest bit of pain or feeling that her body is having because it triggers feelings of it could possibly come back. She also explained it can also impact relationships but she was thankful to have such supportive friends and family while she was going through hard times. When asked what her biggest fears were surrounding her cancer diagnosis she explained not knowing how long it would be for her to feel like her again, not knowing if she would survive or not, and not knowing what life would be like after if she made it through. When asked what her biggest self discovery or reflection was after her diagnosis she explained that she was a lot stronger than she thought. Stephanie explained that the most difficult part she had to over come was the present time, as strange as it sounds. She has been under a significant amount of stress lately and knowing that cancer feeds off stress she is concerned that it may come back; but worse. Another difficult part would be her left mastectomy, she felt grief from that. It is a very unique feeling, and even though she had reconstructive surgery she still feels like it is an amputation. When asked Stephanie what was a positive take from her diagnosis she explained that knowing her family and friends truly cared about her and her well being. They were there for her during the unknowns and even when she struggles present day. She is so grateful for all of the wonderful people she has met along this journey. The advice she would give to someone who is going through their own breast cancer diagnosis journey would be to remind you that not everyone has the same journey, it is okay to feel overwhelmed and it is okay to feel angry. Dont be afraid to share your feelings and what you need for help, you can do anything. Lastly focus on the positives, know you can do anything you set your mind to, be brave. 


This is the first ever modest infinity dress. You can wear this dress over 30 different ways. It is great to have as part of your wardrobe where you can switch it up whenever you like.