Lama Jamous- Cream Ribbed Dress (Petite)

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$ 76.50 CAD

We are naming our next piece after Lama Jamous. If you dont know who Lama Jamous is you need to stop what you are doing and read about her and follow her on Instagram. Lama is Gaza's youngest reporter and story teller. She uses her fathers phone to amplify the voices of the kids in Gaza. She documents the hardships that her family and so many others experience amid Israel's ongoing bombing. With Gaza being the most dangerous place in the world to be a child, Lama has been able to give hope through her brave voice. Her message to the world is "stop the bombing, wherever we go there is bombardment. We need a safe zone. We dont want war." Lama and her family have been forced to leave their home in Gaza City to Khan Yunis, and then again displaced to Rafah. We pray for Lama's safety Inshallah.

This cream ribbed knit dress is more of an oversized dress, it is not form fitting. The only thing about this dress is that it fits our shorter queens a lot better than our taller queens. Our model is wear a size large in this dress.