Bisan Owda Olive Green Maxi Dress

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$ 97.75 CAD

This beautiful dress is named after Bisan Owda, who is a 24 year old filmmaker who has captivated the world with her story telling and famous opening line: "Hey everyone my name is Bisan from Gaza, I am still alive." Bisan has been a symbol of hope and resistance throughout this whole genocide. She has shown up everyday via social media and letting us know what is going on in Gaza, while risking her life doing so. Without Bisan there would be a huge chunk of the stories missing that show both the beautiful side of Gaza and the debilitating genocide and occupation that Gaza is going through. Bisan was once a Palestinian cultural vlogger who unfortunately turned into a war journalist. All she ever wanted to do was to promote her love for Gaza and Palestine. Bisan has become a refugee in her own country, now living in a tent in Rafah away from a home she once knew. We pray for her safety and for this to end immediately Inshallah.

This dress is one of our favourite dresses at Afflatus. It is extremely comfortable, where you can dress it up or down. The top of the dress is a stretch ribbed material. The model is wearing a size medium. It is quite flattering on so many different body types. There is a side zipper for an easier access to get in and out of the dress.

Size Guide:

Small: Length: 58"  Bust: 36.5"  Waist: 27.5"

Medium: Length:58.5"  Bust:38.5"  Waist: 29.5"

Large: Length: 59"  Bust:40.5"  Waist: 31.5"

Extra Large: Length:59.5"  Bust:42.5"  Waist: 33.5"