Yasmin Long Sleeve Maxi Stripe Dress

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We are naming our next piece after Yasmin who is 24 years old. Yasmin arrived to Canada as a refugee from Sudan but originally from Somalia at the age of 13. Since then she has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a registered nurse. Yasmin states that Somalia had been a troubled country since the 1980’s and a civil war broke out in 1991. There was no safety, no peace, which lead her parents to flee the country shortly after she was born in 1995. Her parents migrated with 6 children, the youngest being a newborn at the time, leaving their family behind to secure a better life and future for their children.  All travels were through land and water, her mother even mentions how Yasmin almost died of a heat stroke as the conditions were not those of which a newborn would thrive in but with God’s will she made it. After being denied the opportunity to enter Libya, Egypt, and Ethiopia in hopes to reach Italy one day her parents finally settled in Sudan.  Although this was not part of their plan, they decided they’d stay there until they make enough money to attempt again because by that point they had none left. While there, they met someone who informed them that if they register as refugees they will eventually be taken to a first world country, and here they were 13 years later. They established a life in Sudan because as years went by the likelihood of leaving became slim. When Yasmin first realized she was a refugee she recalls it being sad. No one wants to leave their country, their home, and their families to live in an estranged country of which they don’t speak and understand the language. She sees sadness and a sense of yearning when her parents reminisce about how blissful and peaceful their country was at one point. Yasmin states that the misconceptions about refugees are that they chose to leave their country. As well as they are uneducated, which in her mind is completely ignorant, her older sibilings were in school studying to be engineers, and social workers before having to leave and come here to only start from zero again. It is both discouraging and daunting if finances are an issue, school then goes out the window and you see yourself working jobs you never imagined working just to make ends.  When asked what she missed most about her country she said she misses the sense of community, and togetherness. The lively nights and streets, the sounds of the call to prayer “adhan.” She misses not being singled out as an outsider/migrant but rather another brother/sister. The advice she would give to new refugees coming to Canada would be to be patient, things will get better. Get out there, work hard, and go to school. Hard work is the only thing that pays off here, and it pays off well.


Our pin stripe button up long sleeve maxi dress is one of our favourite pieces, the softness of the fabric is aboustely amazing. It comes with a belt but you can also replace the belt with what ever other accessory you would like.

*The model is wearing a small*

Size Guide

Small- Chest: 17" Waist: 31" Length: 62" 

Medium- Chest: 18" Waist: 33" Length: 63"

Large- Chest: 19" Waist: 35" Length: 63.5" 

Extra Large- Chest: 20" Waist: 35" Length: 64"

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