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Nadine Jaber is 29 years old and got divorced at the young age of 26, she has 3 children ages 9 and a set of twins who are 7 years old. Nadine is a Health Care Aide, which she completed while being a single mom. The hardest part of going through a divorce for Nadine was finding the courage to actually leave. She had thought about it for a while but was too scared to go through it. Coupled with the courage of leaving it was explaining to her children why they were selling their furniture and leaving what they knew in Jordan to come back to Canada.

Nadine worried that her children would hate her for not having their father around, and how the community, her family, and other individuals would see them. Divorce is still very looked down upon and there is a lot of pressure to keep your marriage working. When it doesn’t end up working out people tend to need someone to blame, and that is where the judgment comes in.

Getting a divorce can be one of the scariest but relieving things to do. Its hard, every day is hard. She wouldn’t say it gets easier but you do start to find a way that works for you and you become happy. Women need to know that we are not failures because we got divorced, truly it's the opposite. We succeed in not accepting less for our children and ourselves. We want better. We loved our children and ourselves enough and choose to leave an unhealthy relationship. Sitting here, thinking about all the reasons she left has tears running down her face. These are not of tears of sadness but tears of joy because knowing what she’s been through and what she is now, she feels proud and grateful.

Her hope is that her children are happy, they know they are loved, and that none of this is their fault. Also that they have the freedom to live their life the way they want with who they want.

Nadine’s advice: every woman and her situation are different, but if she could offer anything it would be to give yourself a break. Life is hard enough as it is without criticizing and us judging ourselves. Love and be proud of yourself and love your children with everything in you.

This tweed dress is absolutely amazing on. It has fringed edges, which add that dramatic touch. This is the first dress at Afflatus Hijab that isn't long sleeve. We wanted to diversify its look by adding what ever you want underneath. The dress flares from the waist down, which allows for a flattering look.

*The belt is not included* 


Small- Chest: 17" Waist: 27" Length: 62"

Medium- Chest: 18" Waist: 29" Length: 62.5" 

Large- Chest: 20" Waist: 31" Length: 63" 

Extra Large: Chest: 21" Waist: 33" Length: 63.5"

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