Maryam Afifi Dress

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This dress is named after Maryam Afifi. This young woman we know as Maryam Afifi has been dubbed as "The Palestinian Girl Who Laughs In The Face of Danger." Maryam is well known for her recent arrest by the Israeli Forces, where she was dragged by them, this was all done with a smile on her face. AJ+ interviewed Maryam, where she explained her arrest: "it made me laugh, like why are you doing this? Are you this weak? So I wasn't really afraid because like the way he treated me, the way he kicked me, the way he dragged just shows he's not okay here (heart). Maryam is known as a 26 year old activist and musician. 


We love all the details on this dress. The shoulder, wrist, and body details. The belt is removable and the fit is quite flattering.