"Manal Assiff" - Dress

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Our beautiful forest green velvet dress has a drooped modest neck line. It is glamorous for any special event.  *The belt is not included*

Small: 28" Waist 63" Length 

Medium: 30" Waist 63" Length 

Large: 32" Waist 63" Length

Extra Large: 34" Waist 63" Length  


We are naming this piece after Manal Assiff who is 36 years old a mother of 2 and Chemical Coordinator. Her mental illness is Anxiety.

Triggers: 10 years ago she was 26 years old with 2 small children and divorced, that is when she began suffering anxiety attacks.

Hurdles and obstacles due to the mental illness: Her illness began to really effect her and her everyday life about a year after the divorce. She began to worry a lot more about her future and the future of her children. She feared her children would grow with psychological issues and would grow to resent her for the selfish decision she thought she was making at the time. She worried so much about being accepted by the community for the choice she made. Just thinking of having to go to any public function brought on an anxiety attack. She dealt with anxiety on a very high scale for about 4 years and it effected every aspect of her life. It hindered her from forming friendships and building good, strong and trusting relationships. She lost a lot of faith in love and figured it just did not exist and that it was simply a figment of the imagination. The anxiety she suffered was detrimental to her ability of being the best mother and provider to her children. Dealing with anxiety did not allow her to do the things she always wanted to do because she was always worried about what people would think about her. It truly prevented her from being the best version of herself.

Advice you would give someone dealing with the same mental illness: Find something that you are passionate about or that brings you joy and focus on it. Remove toxic people and relationships from your life and talk to a trusted friend or family member and know that you don’t have to deal with anything alone. And please seek professional help if it is something you can’t overcome.

 Interesting things about Manal: She is really talented at doing nails and nail art. She can do hair. She loves all sports, playing and watching. She volunteers a lot for non profit organizations and donates to various charities whenever she can.