Ilham Hassen

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This next piece is named after Ilham Hassen who has been teaching for 3 years and currently teaches grade 7 (sometimes 8). When asked why Ilham picked teaching as her profession she explained that in the beginning it was to prove to people that she could do it. Later on, she wanted to show kids that looked like her that they could achieve whatever dreams they set out for themselves. When asked what was her favourite part about teaching she explained that it was about connecting with her students. Having the opportunity to share stories with one another and laugh together is such a beautiful thing. When one is constantly surrounded by adults, you sometimes forget how funny kids can be. When asked Ilham what struggles she faced when COVID forced schools to shut down she stated that she was constantly worried about everyone and not being able to see her students heightened that fear. Logging in everyday and seeing the numbers dwindle as the school year progressed made her feel like she has failed her students. She couldn’t reach them; she knew that but she had to remind herself constantly that they were doing okay and as long as they were safe and happy, then that was all that mattered. When asked what she was worried about for the new school year she explained that there is so much uncertainty. Everyone says that once you have a few years of teaching experience, you get the hang of it and things get easier. With COVID, everything is up in the air and it forces teachers to constantly pivot to adapt to the new environment. 2020 has also made her kind of scared of planning too! When asked what type of advice she would give her students for the new school year she stated that their mental health is her number one priority. If the students feel scared, and nervous, chances are the teachers are feeling the same exact way. This pandemic has forced everyone to live life differently but we’re all living differently together. As teachers, ultimately we want our students to succeed and that definition for her revolves around checking in with herself and her emotions and allowing herself to feel and process.


*The BELT is NOT INCLUDED with this dress.*

The model is wearing a small and is 5'4. What we love about this dress is that it has balloon sleeves, which also allows for room in the sleeves and the chest. It also allows for room in the waist, you can wear a belt with the dress or leave it hanging on your body. The navy canvas with white polkadots compliment the dress so well and it is perfect for any occasion. This material of this dress is polyester. 


Size Guide: 

Small: Chest: 34" Waist: 34" Length: 57"

Medium: Chest: 36" Waist:36" Length: 57"

Large: Chest: 38" Waist: 38" Length: 57"

Extra Large: Chest: 40" Waist: 40" Length: 57"