Fatin Assaf

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The next piece is named after Fatin Assaf who has been a teacher for the last 5 years and teaches grade 2. When asked why she picked teaching as a profession she explained that ever since she was a kid she always wanted to be a teacher. She wanted the opportunity to contribute towards her community in a meaningful way. She wanted a career that was rewarding and gave her the ability to positively impact children’s lives. For her, teaching is more than academics it’s about creating a safe place for students, so that they know that they are genuinely cared about and have someone they can trust and look up to. When asked what her favourite part about teaching was she explained it was building relationships with students, getting to know each of their individual personalities, and watching them grow. The relationships that she builds with her students are life long. She is deeply invested in their well being, inside and outside of her classroom and as they advance on to other grades. She believes that every student has the capacity to succeed as long as they are given the support and confidence in themselves. She is honoured to have the opportunity to encourage such confidence in her students so that they can develop an intrinsic love for school and education. Through getting to know her students, she is able to cater lessons and activities to their personalities and learning styles. This can be quite complex to plan, but she loves the excitement that comes with seeing students engage in activities. When asked how she dealt with Covid shutting down schools she explained that she started maternity leave a couple months prior to the pandemic but the feelings she would’ve have had are similar to what she went through when she went on maternity leave. It was a very emotional experience for her when she realized she wasn’t able to see her students anymore. She thought about them everyday! She felt like she didn’t have any closure since she wouldn’t be finishing off the school year with them. She felt guilty for not being around to support their emotional and academic needs. It was hard to miss out on having the opportunity to watch how much they would progress and grow throughout the year. No matter the circumstance, not being able to see her students was heartbreaking. When asked what advice would Fatin would give to her students in the new school year she explained that although the upcoming school year will look very different, the advice she would give her students is to work hard, be optimistic about the future and continue to strive to reach your goals. Trust that Allah (swt) will protect you, while doing your part to stay safe and healthy. 
This model is wearing a small in this dress and is 5'4. What we love about this piece is it gives you the ability to wear it as tight or as loose as you would like. The color and the material is just an added bonus. This dress is made out crepe cotton with a polyester mix. 
Size Guide: 
Small: Chest: 32" Waist" 34" Length:59.5"
Medium: Chest: 35" Waist: 36" Length: 59.5"
Large: Chest: 38" Waist: 38" Length: 59.5"
Extra Large: Chest: 41" Waist:40" Length: 59.5"