Aisha (RA) Floral Maxi Dress

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$ 60.00 CAD

Aisha (RA) showed the world how women can be more knowledgeable than men in politics and as a warrior 14 centuries ago. She had a brilliant mind and a remarkable memory. She was involved in religious matters and political events, and she was also known for narrating 2210 hadiths.

Due to her knowledge of Quran and Sunnah/Hadiths, Aisha (RA) became involved in the politics of Islam and the first 3 Caliphate reigns. During a time in Islam where women were not expected, or wanted to contribute outside the household, Aisha (RA) delivered public speeches and became directly involved in war and battles. She definitely was a warrior!!


This dress has such a romantic feel to it. The little cluster of flowers that surround that dress or so beautiful. The dress has an elastic waist so allow for room, you can wear it with a belt or on its own.


Size Guide:

*The waist is elastic so be mindful it can go up a few inches pending on how you like to wear it*

Small- Length:60" Chest: 41" Waist: 25" Sleeve Length: 28"

Medium- Length: 60.5" Chest: 43" Waist: 27" Sleeve Length: 28.5"

Large- Length: 61" Chest: 45" Waist: 29" Sleeve Length: 29"

Extra Large- Length: 61.5" Chest: 46" Waist: 31" Sleeve Length: 29.5"