Nadia Amiri

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The next piece is named after Nadia Amiri who has been teaching for 5 years. Nadia teaches grade 6 but this year she will be teaching a grade 5/6 split. When asked why she picked teaching as her profession she explained that unlike most teachers, she never wanted to be a teacher or ever dreamt of being a teacher her whole life. When she was a kid and teenager she’d always say, “I’ll never become a teacher,” but she always knew she wanted to work with children. Her mom is actually the reason she considered teaching. When she was in University she convinced her to join the “study buddy” program and connected her with one of her former colleagues. After two years of working one on one with students, she finally built the courage to do a whole class instruction, which he graciously gave her the opportunity to do so. It was during the question and answer period where she knew the profession of teaching was where she was meant to be. Watching the students confidently raise their hands, and whisper “yes” to themselves when they successfully answer a question is the most rewarding feeling for her. She shortly realized teaching is way more than just teaching children how to read and do math. As a teacher you are shaping and helping create the leaders of the future. You are a safe place for a child. You are a role model. You are a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to. You are a friend and the sound of reason when needed. All these reasons and more are why she became a teacher. When asked what her favourite part of teaching was, she explained it was being able to build relationships and bonds with the students, watching them grow, learning new trends from them and being a safe space for them. When asked what was the biggest struggle she had when Covid forced schools to shut down and you couldn’t see your students anymore she explained that it was not being able to be with her students anymore and not being able to say good-bye. Since she taught grade six, she didn’t get to see them the following year because they go off to Jr. High. Although they were very successful with the their online instruction, nothin can replace the face- to face interaction and the strong bond they built in the classroom. When asked Nadia what was she most worried about for the new school year she explained that she worries about making them feel safe in this new time and trying to make the school environment as normal as can be without the constant reminder of the pandemic. When asked what advice would she give to her students for the new school year she said always try your best, be kind, be respectful, and know that it is okay to make mistakes and that she always has their backs no matter what. 


*This dress DOES NOT come with the belt*

The model is wearing a size small and is 5'3. What we love about this piece is how feminine and delicate it is. We also love the print on this dress. The sleeves are balloon sleeves and it allows for space in the waist, arms and chest. You are able to wear it with a belt or by it self. This material is made out of chiffon crepe.

Size Guide:

Small: Chest: 34" Waist: 34" Length: 58"

Medium: Chest: 36" Waist: 36" Length: 58"

Large: Chest: 40" Waist:40" Length:58"

Extra Large: Chest: 44" Waist: 44" Length: 58"