Moona Khan- Sweater Dress

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Our next piece is named after Moona Khan who is 42 years old and a Mental Health Therapist who has been running her business for the last 10 months. When asked Moona what inspired her to start her business she explained that she always wanted to be a therapist. Her path has been a long one with a lot of starts and stops but Alhamdiallah she wouldn’t change a thing. Being able to do what she loves, and still have the flexibility as a mother, daughter and an active community member was the reason why she co-created Revive Counselling. Moona explains her reflections on some of the obstacles that she has faced as a business owner. The main and only one has been her own self-doubt and lack of confidence at times. Starting something new is always a bit scary but she always reminds herself of something her dear brother and business partner told her, when you are sincere in your intentions, Allah (SWT) not only opens doors for you but brings opportunities to your doorstep. Alhamdiallah. Moona’s favourite part of the job is hands down being part of her clients healing and growth. Lastly, we asked Moona what advice would you give women who want to start their own business. She explained that you need to be authentic to yourself, we all have different approaches and ways of getting stuff done and that’s ok. Trust the process and yourself. She also thinks having access to mentorship is really helpful. 


This piece is so beautiful to have in your wardrobe this fall! it is so hard to find a long sweater dress so we finally made the perfect one. Its maxi and cozy! Put a pair of sneakers, loafers or boots with it and you have an amazing outfit. 

The Material Composition:

55% Acrylic 

45% Cotton 


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