Van Tingz

Hi Everyone, 

Im starting to realize that I only post my fashion blogs up when Im traveling or when there is a special event. I need to be more consistent. So I recently went to Vancouver this past week because we were celebrating my husbands birthday. Also I had a meeting with Melanie Mark the woman I named the burgundy zipper top after (I'll explain that more in a little bit). I've travelled quite a bit but I don't know what it is, Vancouver is still one of my favourite places to be in. There is something so magical about that city...when it doesn't rain lol. 

We celebrated my husbands birthday and that day was beautiful and clear skies but I would say most of our trip was accompanied by rain. I also tried vlogging L-O-L who do I think I am? Not going to lie, it is a lot harder than it looks and I was over it the first minute I tried it but I still went through with it. There is nothing classier than talking to yourself through a camera lol. 

My meeting with Melanie was amazing, her whole team was awesome and hilarious. She is doing great things in Vancouver as a politician, woman, and a human rights activist. She loved her new top and I couldn't be happier. 

Let me explain one of my outfits because it caused me so much grief lol. The blue oversized jacket from ASOS I wore the first day of our trip. The jacket was $154.00 but ASOS had a sale so I went and I purchased it. Well they have free shipping but it wouldn't arrive in time for my trip so I rushed it and pretty much ended up paying the same price but THAT WAS OKAY. NO PROBLEM SAID MY BRAIN. Then the magic yellow and red DHL van came along, I was so happy to see him until he said "that will be $42 dollars for customs." Annoyed, BUT STILL OKAY! I go to put the jacket on and I can literally fit every person who has ever fled war into this jacket. The problem was I didn't have time to return it and get a new one so I said to myself NO PROBLEM I'LL TAKE IT TO THE TAILORS. And so I did. My seamstress looks at me and says it would probably be easier to just buy another one, I said that isn't an option she's like well its going to cost $75.00. WHAT THE MOTHER LOVING ICE CREAM CONE HELL. Anyways so I did the alterations and honestly the jacket costed me way too much lol. If you are thinking of ordering it make sure you order down a size or two because they are very oversized. 

Jacket: Asos Jeans: Zara Shoes: Aldo Purse: Aldo Sunglasses: Aldo Hijab: Afflatus Hijab


Jacket: Top Shop Jeans: Forever 21 Belt purse: Simons Shoes: Ted Baker Sunglasses: Michael Kors Hijab: Afflatus Hijab