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Hey Everyone, 

Our next destination was to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I had so many high expectations for this city, it has been one of my dreams to visit it. Kuala Lumpur was so developed and clean it was almost complete opposite of Ho Chi Minh. We stayed by Bukit Bintang, which is where all the hustle and bustle went down. I was surprised it was as modernized as it was. At points I felt like I was in Dubai because there were so many Arabs lol, they even have a street called Arab Street. The food was amazing, we constantly found ourselves going back to the same Lebanese restaurant (so typical) for dinner. 

Although it was aesthetically beautiful, I was a little disappointed on how "Americanized" it was. When I travel to different countries I love being immersed into their culture and being able to quickly see that I am somewhere different. In Kuala Lumpur I couldn't tell you what Malaysian culture was because it was overshadowed by so much North American culture. I guess you can say Bukit Bintang was a way cleaner version of Times Square. When my husband and I travel our favourite things to do is to find cool breakfast spots and coffee joints and that is one thing Kuala Lumpur killed it at, we loved it. 

The second last day of our trip one of my followers suggested to go to a Mosque called Putra Mosque Putrajaya, which was funny because we had not seen one Mosque during our stay even though it is a Muslim country. We decided to go; it was about 40 minutes from the centre and we were SO HAPPY we went. It was absolutely breathtaking, I felt such calm and ease Subhanallah. We were surrounded by Malaysian Muslims, who were extremely friendly and kind and we finally felt a sense of the culture we had been longing to find in Malaysia. 

All and all Malaysia was beautiful but we had way more fun in Ho Chi Minh but again it just depends on what you like. 

Coffee Shops/Breakfast Places: Lokl, they had such great customer service and the owners were amazing (who happen to be celebrities in KL lol) we went there for breakfast. VCR it was really cool on the inside but if you aren't really adventures with your food (IM NOT) then this is not the place for you. Coook had really beautiful tea and gelato it was quite a cute little spot. The last breakfast place we went to was called Breakfast Thieves its in the middle of no where but the neatest little spot. 

Dinner Restaurant: We literally were exhausted by the time we were in Malaysia and when the evening would come we just went to what we love...and thats some Lebanese food lol. The best place is called Al-Amar it is a restaurant located in the mall. 

Areas to Visit: Bukit Bintang (the busy area), China town, the markets, the twin towers if you are interested in that (we weren't), the museums, and the Putra Mosque. 

Now for the Blog post on my outfit details. I didn't really take a lot of pictures here of my outfits because of the sad news that came out of Edmonton at the time, I just was deflated. We are still praying Nadia Atwi is found and brought home to her family. So I only have one outfit for you. 

Turtle Neck: Zara Jean skirt: Dr. Denim Shoes: Aldo Sunglasses: Michael Kors Hijab: Afflatus Hijab


Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia