Posted on by Wedad Amiri

January 5, 2016

My first stop on this trip was to Amman, Jordan. I knew I would like it but I didn't know I would LOVE it. Jordan is full of history and wonders that will leave you in awe. Our first day in Amman we began exploring right away and doing "touristy" things. The only problem is when Im on vacation I forget to take pictures. More specifically on this trip I would either forget my camera, battery, or memory card in the hotel. There aren't many pics of my outfits but I tried lol. We started off by going to the Dead Sea. It was absolutely beautiful and peaceful. I took the salt and rubbed it on my skin and Jesus take the wheel how silky smooth it was. We didn't actually go into the water because the weather wasn't warm enough. I decided the best thing to wear to the Dead Sea was FUR (which lets be honest fur is life), a dress with tights, and ankle boots. It was a horrible outfit to wear to the beach haha but its all good. 

Our next stops would be Petra, Aqaba, and Wadi Rum. Make sure you wear good shoes when going to Petra it is a lot of walking. It is absolutely beautiful and nothing you can really try to imagine until you actually step foot into it. The only annoying thing about Petra are the men trying to sell you camel rides, post cards and literally anything they can get a Dinar from you. I just wanted to scream BYE FELICIA. If you can get away from them then Petra is amazing. Our next destination would be Aqaba. I really had no expectations of it nor did I know exactly what it was. I actually LOVED Aqaba. It has the hustle and bustle of a busy city but it is also surrounded by such beautiful bodies of water. My favourite part of it was winding down at this private beach where a lot of reflection took place.  Furthermore, Wadi Rum again was breathtaking but we didn't get to experience camping in the desert because of the weather, which sucked. I love camping and I've always wanted to camp in the desert but I guess I will have to save it for another day. Wadi Rum was probably the most emotional part of my trip (see Second Chances for more details). You really see and feel Allah's creations when you are standing at what feels like the top of the world. As you walk through the desert the sand changes colours from dark red to lighter shades. All three places are must sees if you ever go to Jordan. 

Our last few tourist spots were Salaheddine Ayoubi's castle and Jerash. The castle was amazing and very interesting. It was a testeamnet to how smart and united Muslims were during that time. I really enjoyed learning about it. Jerash consisted of the Roman ruins and again the amount of history that is situated in that area is phenomenal. Again I picked the wrong outfit to wear to both of these places but yet again oh well lol. 

I was really surprised to see how clean and organized Jordan was for being an Arab country lol. Also I was surprised to see how many people understood and spoke English it was pretty cool. The people of Jordan were hospitable, and quite friendly. I would definetly visit Jordan again it was one of my favourite places I have visited. 

Just a little info if you have no family in Jordan and were wondering where you should stay. In Amman we stayed at "Rum Hotel- Al Waleed," everyone was super nice there and very helpful. When we stayed in Aqaba we stayed at the Double Tree Hilton, which was also fantastic. They had a great breakfast, which was included and also you had a free day pass to go to a private beach. 

Below will be pictures of different outfits, pictures from Jordan, and my little findings. If you have any other questions about my trip feel free to ask! Thank you for reading xo. 

Fur: Forever 21 Dress: Forever 21 Purse: H&M Shoes: Top Shop


I just got back from the Dead Sea that is why the shoes are a bit dirty...


Sweater: Noul Jeans: Forever 21 Shoes: Converse Purse: Top Shop

The sweater from Noul is amazing, it is so comfortable and roomy where you could fit another shirt underneath. 



This is the only picture I took that day of my outfit lol. I also forgot my camera so this was taken off of an iPhone.