Posted on by Wedad Amiri

May 25, 2015

Side note before I start this blog I added the "z" at the end of "day" because it makes me feel young and takes me to my MSN messenger days. So in other words if you don't like it deal with it, in the nicest way that it is. Zara finally re-opened in West Edmonton Mall and let's be honest I was Zara deprived. I seen this jacket and debated whether or not I should buy it and turns out I ended up buying it. I love how it fits on the body but yet still giving you a loose fitting feel. Also I felt the tribal shirt I paired it with went perfectly. I feel like I am going to a Music festival but not really lol.

Pants: Forever 21 Shirt: Zara Jacket: Zara Shoes: Michael Kors Purse: Forever 21 



Fringes For Dayz!Fringes For Dayz!Fringes For Dayz!Fringes For Dayz!