Posted on by Wedad Amiri

February 28, 2016

I remember in high school when I was in grade 11 (05/06) the style of wearing a short skirt or dress with tights underneath was super popular. Back then I was only worried about owning every Puma tracksuit (I don't know why) I guess you could call me the Arab, female version of Flava Flave. So in other words I wasn't super into my outfits I was more worried about my rap career lool. 

Lately I have been obsessing with midi length dresses or ankle dresses. I decided to pair them up with tights because the dress was long enough and it also gave it a feminine, and fashionable look while trying to still be modest. The next few blogs will show case these looks. 

Dress: H&M Jean Jacket: Zara Shoes: Converse

Dresses + ChucksDresses + ChucksDresses + ChucksDresses + ChucksDresses + Chucks