Posted on by Wedad Amiri

November 8, 2015

By now there should be a clear understanding that I love capes. Whether it is cape dresses or cape jackets you can totally expect me to be wearing them. Last June I was in Miami with my brother and I came across a Ted Baker store, which we don't have one in Edmonton. I became obsessed with Ted Baker because of my dear friend Melissa. Their pieces are so well made. I walked into the store and locked eyes with the cape jacket, a few tears came out because I had fallen in love.

The color of the cape jacket made my heart skip a beat and the way it felt made me want to buy it. I looked at the lady that worked there and she could tell that I was in too deep. I decided I was going to buy it. Like I have stated in previous blogs, a lot of my clothing is bought from H&M and Forever 21 where I don't spend much on them but I do spend money on staple pieces that will never go out of style. A cape jacket is classic, and the color I bought it in is timeless.

I paired it up with some dark blue jeans that I bought I think for $12.00 from Forever 21, a knitted ivory sweater with a button up jean shirt. The boots I am wearing are actually rubber boots. I had bought them for my sister for her birthday back in the day but they are super uncomfortable lol but they do look good.

Cape Jacket: Ted Baker Jeans: Forever 21 Knitted Sweater: H&M Jean Shirt: Smart Set Purse: Top Shop Boots: Burberry

Cape Woman!Cape Woman!Cape Woman!Cape Woman!Cape Woman!