Posted on by Wedad Amiri

Hi Everyone!

It's been a minute since I've done a fashion blog, and Im not going to lie I kinda missed it. I've decided to only post fashion blogs if I am wearing something related to Afflatus Hijab, which will usually translate into one of our beautiful hijabs. 

On Saturday July 22, I married my best friend. My whole life I couldn't care less for a wedding but when the day finally came it was magical. We decided to go to Amsterdam and Dublin for our honeymoon. Our first day we went and had breakfast at a cute little restaurant, we went on the canal tour, hung out at the Museum Quarter, went to the flower market, and finished it off  by having dinner at Vandam's. The outfit I decided to wear is a baggy jean jacket, loose white shirt, black jeans, and some slip ons. The jacket and shirt are both mens I just love the oversized look!

Jean Jacket: H&M (mens department) Jeans: Zara Shoes: Lacoste Purse: H&M Hijab: Afflatus Hijab (Dusty Rose Chiffon)