"Melek Bayraktar" - Skirt

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The rich color of this skirt is a deep navy. The beauty of this skirt is that it is quite casual but also can be dressed up for any special event. 

Small: 27" Waist 45" Length 

Medium: 28" Waist 45" Length 

Large: 32" Waist  45.5" Length 

Extra Large: 34" Waist 45.5" Length 


This piece is named after Melek Bayraktar who is 21 years old and a teacher. Her mental illness is Anxiety. 

Her Triggers: Hardships

Hurdles due to her anxiety: Panic attacks. Anxiety has always acted as a barrier for her. She has blown off gatherings with friends, felt too anxious to go to places alone, constantly questioning herself and avoiding job interviews. She never entirely knew that she suffered with anxiety until University classes. The thought of answering a simple question in a University lecture made her sweat, get dizzy and made her heart race every time. Her struggle with perfectionism has made her extremely self-conscious around others. The obsessive need to perfect her work has resulted in constant muscle tension and serious self-doubt. Becoming a teacher has helped her in ways she never thought it would. Knowing that her own students struggle with anxiety (and other mental illnesses) has allowed her to embrace her own issues, rather than avoid them. 

Advice you would give someone dealing with anxiety:

You are not alone. You are not abnormal. There is not something seriously wrong with you. Opening up about your mental illness(es) will allow you to figure out what exactly is causing it. Without addressing it, you will struggle to avoid that which is harming you. Cut out the toxic things in your life – even if that involves cutting people out. Writing became her outlet. It helped to empty out her thoughts and to self-reflect upon them. In addition to journal writing, what helped her more than anything else, was the reassurance that Allah (swt) will always hear her struggles. Turning to Allah when she felt like she had nobody else granted her heart the ease she longed for. Start doing things that you enjoy, with people that you enjoy the presence of. Positive vibes go a long way. It all begins by honoring your mind. Self-love was a foreign and difficult concept for her to understand due to her anxiety. If she can give you one piece of advice, she would simply say, learn to love yourself enough to do what makes you happy. 

Interesting things about Melek: Three things have the ability to turn her mood around when she is upset: flowers, my fur baby, Pasha, and being the reason behind someone else’s smile.