"Firdows Kedir" - Skirt

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$ 40.00 CAD

Our maxi skirt has a black canvas with a beautiful floral print on the bottom of it, as well it has pockets to allow you have an elegant but comfortable look. 


Small: 28" waist 47" Length 
Medium: 30" Waist 47" Length 

Large: 32" Waist 47.5" Length

Extra Large: 34" Waist 47.5" Length  


The horror of Grenfell Tower still haunts me. We are naming this piece after 12 year old Firdows Kedir who tragically passed away in the Grenfell Tower. She was described by Bill Gates and Jon Snow as "the most intelligent, wise, eloquent girl." There is no doubt she would've been a change maker of our broken world. May she be granted the highest level of paradise along with her family.