Vanessa Potestio-Long Sleeve Brown Knitted Sweater

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We are naming our next piece after Vanessa Potestio who is 27 years old. Vanessa is an entrepreneur, she is a makeup artist and aesthetician. She owns her own salon and spa called BV Studio and she is a part time teacher as well. Vanessa has been working in the beauty industry for almost ten years and recently took the plunge in opening her own beauty salon during Covid; April 2021. When asked what inspired her to start her business she explained that as a child she was always interested in all things beauty. She remembers sneaking into her mothers and grandmothers bathroom and using every single makeup product they had on their face all at once and feeling so fascinated by all the different textures, formulas and colours. Once high school started she discovered the Beauty Community on Youtube. She became obsessed with watching other women from different cultures, religions, shapes/sizes, ages, and backgrounds simply share their beauty routines, tips and tricks. Any spare time she had was spent watching these women create masterpieces with a brush, some colours, and their face. She decided this was something she wanted to pursue and so she created her first ever makeup tutorial. She remembers uploading it and feeling so afraid that people from her high school might see it, which some did. Her close friends and family were supportive but of course, there were a few who thought it was strange. Towards the end of her senior year she decided that she wanted to become a teacher, which was another passion of hers although she still had that itch to do makeup. She started practicing makeup on her sisters, friends, and other relatives to gain experience. An app called Instagram came out and she found that all the original artists who she looked up to on Youtube were sharing their makeup, skincare and fashion tips. Vanessa created a secret account called BellaaVanessaa, she started sharing photos of her makeup and ootd’s and started gaining a little attention. All of this was unravelling whilst she was in University, and deep down she knew she wanted to make a career out of doing makeup. Fast forward a few years, she began a full time teaching job that kept her passion of makeup on the side. After a couple of years of teaching, she became extremely anxious and started struggling with her mental health. Just the drive to work would make her physically ill. She loved teaching and working with the kids but when your head and heart is not 100% in it, it can become an extremely stressful and ultimately harmful place for someone so vulnerable to be in. She decided to take some time off of teaching to focus on her mental and physical health and after months of debating, she finally made what she felt was the most difficult decision of her life and quit her job. Shortly after quitting, COVID-19 came out. When she looks back at the struggles she went through and the choices she made she cannot thank God enough for putting her in that position. She knows that had she taught during the pandemic, things could have ended a lot differently for her. It took her becoming extremely depressed, anxious, mentally/physically unwell and quitting her job to realize that she needed to pursue something in the beauty industry. While the whole world was on pause she had time to herself to reflect, pray, and think, she decided to go back to school for clinical aesthetics, which ultimately led her to opening BV Studio. When Vanessa explained the obstacles of being a business owner she goes on to say that being a business owner is a completely different ball game. The legalities, permits, financing, and the list goes on. She is so grateful to her dad who has been a successful business owner for over 30 years for helping and supporting her through this crazy journey.  When asked what is her favourite part of the job she explains is the moment her clients see their face whether that be after a clinical treatment or a makeup application and their eyes begin to sparkle with confidence.  When asked Vanessa what is some advice you would give a woman wanting to start her own business she explains JUST DO IT. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot make a living out of something you are passionate about. This life is such a short journey and test and if we do things simply to please other people or in fear that we may fail we will never be happy nor successful. Build a community and put yours elf out there, offer free services for whatever you are offering. ASK QUESTIONS, WORK, WORK, WORK, and pray. It will not happen overnight, but if you truly want it, never give up. Surround yourself with supportive people who sincerely care about you. You’re going to have rough days, weeks, and months, and maybe years. Don't get discouraged if you’re not where you want to be yet don’t compare your journey and struggles to someone else's success. Enjoy the ride, take it at your own pace and you will get there when you’re meant to get there.


There is nothing more beautiful than the color of this knitted sweater. The lux golden brown color is just absolutely amazing for fall. The little details of the balloon sleeves and the slits on the side just make it the perfect piece for this season. The material is made out of 100% Acrylic.