Muna Ali- Long Sleeve Sage Green Shacket/Jacket

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This piece is named after Muna Ali who has been running Udug Home for the last 4 years. Udug Home sells home frangrance products, mainly in a niche-based community. We sell traditional incense as well as room sprays and diffuser oils. Everything one would meed to have your home smelling divine.  Muna started Udug Home with a passion and desire for scent and being able to bring these unique traditional scents to North America. She wanted to connect with old traditions in the twenty-first century. When asked Muna if she has faced any obstacles being a woman of color running a business she explained that people tend to take you less serious when you are a woman, especially in the business scene. Being that business is more male-oriented, women are looked over. Furthermore, this lack of push for women is more pronounced when you are a black Muslim woman. But with the new waves of people of color and women joining the business industry, it is becoming more accessible and diverse for all. When asked Muna what advice she would give to women who wanted to start a small business, she explained find something you have passion for and pursue it. Even if its a little passion, it will allow you to be more invested in moving your business forward than if you only started for the money. And believe in yourself!! It is not easy running a business, so any accomplishment should be appreciated and celebrated.

We love our shacket the color is such a perfect transition into the seasons. It is an oversized look and we love that and the length.

Size Guide:

Small- Chest: 46" Length" 35"

Medium- Chest:48" Length: 35"

Large- Chest: 50"  Length: 36"

Extra Large- Chest: 52" Length 36"

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