Meranda Doll- Long Black Cardigan

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Our next piece is named after Meranda Doll who has a 4 and half year old son named Vincent who was diagnosed with Genetic Microdeletion at 8 months of age. This is a rare genetic disorder that causes various delays such as low muscle tone, seizure activity, cerebral palsy, CVI (Cortical Visual Impairment), he is also non-speaking and uses an AAC device for communication. When asked Meranda what her initial reactions or thoughts were when she first found out about her child’s disability she explained that discovering her child was rare and unique was overwhelming. She spent many nights researching trying to understand all there was to know about his microdeletion. It was very isolating, her thoughts overwhelmed her all the time even though she was so happy to be a mom and loved everything about him so much. It was very heartbreaking at times to know my son was not going to achieve the typical milestones, and through times of regression she struggled with how unfair this all was to both her as a new mom and him as a baby. When asked Meranda whether or not she was nervous telling family and friends she explained that she was okay with telling those that were close to them. The more everyone around Vincent could know and understand him the better she felt. When asked what are some misunderstandings people may have about children with disabilities she explained that she thinks people sometimes don't give children with disabilities the benefit of the doubt, and can be quick to assume that they don't understand what is going on around them. Often a child just needs a bit more time to process, and they understand everything in their own way. We asked Meranda to share some amazing things that people may not know about Vincent. She explained that her son loves social interaction, when people make eye contact with him, get down to his level and chat with him about his favourite things like walrus’ or Santa Claus, or the pokey trees swaying in the wind, it makes him so happy. He loves when people explain whats going on around him and tell him about what he’s seeing. He loves when we laugh and talk to him about things that are funny, he’s learning to laugh with us and beginning to understand when he’s being goofy! It’s the best! His smile brings so much joy to their life. When asked Meranda what advice would you give new moms who are going through the same thing as you she explained to take your time to process, grieve and go through the waves of emotions. It’s heavy because it’s a lot and you’re human but you’re never alone, there is another family going through the same surgery, the same seizure medication etc. If you need support, reach out and know it can be therapeutic to talk through some of the struggles in a safe space. 


The black cardigan is the perfect cardigan to have this season. What we love about this black cardigan is the length and the material. You can dress it up or dress it down, which makes it amazing. The pockets are also an added bonus!


Material Composition 

50% Viscose 

25% Polyester 

25% Polyamide 


Size Guide: 

Small- Length: 45" Bust: 20" Sleeve Length: 23"

Medium- Length 46" Bust: 22" Sleeve Length: 24" 

Large: Length: 47" Bust: 24" Sleeve Length: 25" 

Extra Large: 48" Bust: 26" Sleeve Length: 26"