Melissa Ta- Ivory Knit Vest

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$ 52.50 CAD

Our next piece is named after Melissa Ta and  photographer in Edmonton, Alberta. Melissa started this passion turned business in 2017. When asked what inspired her to start her business, she explained that she’s always enjoyed taking pictures of her friends and family. She realized she had a passion for taking photos of others in 2016, when Wedad from Afflatus Hijab asked her to take a few pictures for her fashion blog. Although she didn't know how to use a DSLR camera, she really enjoyed it and so began her photography journey. When we asked Melissa what were some of the obstacles she faced as a business owner, she shared that she experiences self-doubt and self inflicted impostor syndrome. We asked Melissa what her  favourite part of the job was and she explained that she loves being part of her clients special moments; from capturing day to day life in a family’s home, the shocked expression of being proposed to,  happy smiles, and sweet moments on a wedding day. She feels privileged to photograph that special moment in someone's life. Some advice Melissa would give to an individual who wants to start their own business is: the hardest part is making the first move and trying. Keep taking steps to learn, grow and improve on every part of your business. Always remember to look back at how far you’ve come and be proud of how much you've achieved. 


We love our vest and how it fits. We love the oat color with the little details like the slits on the side and ribbed collar.

The Material Composition:

54% Polyester 

20% Acrylic 

20% Nylon

6% Mer-wool


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