Asiya Bint Muzahim Mauve Button up *TOP*

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 This piece is named after Asiya Bint Muzahim who was the wife of the Pharoh, where she also took the infant Musa (Moses) (AS) into her home out of love for the child. Unlike her husband she was known for her extreme generosity and her humble nature. In Islam she is known as one of the most virtuous women in Islam. 

She is believed to have accepted monotheism after witnessing the miracle of Moses. Asiya is one of the 4 most respected women of all time Islam.

This top is perfect for the spring/summer. Its a light and breezy button up top. You can also buy the full set, which include the pants.

Size Guide:

Small- Length:39.5" Chest: 36" Sleeve Length: 22.5"

Medium- Length: 40" Chest: 38" Sleeve Length: 23"

Large- Length: 40.5" Chest: 40" Sleeve Length: 23.5"

Extra Large- Length: 41" Chest: 42" Length: 24"