Maryam (AS)- Satin Open Abaya

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$ 50.00 CAD

 This piece is named after Maryam (AS). In Islam we believe that Maryam is one of the best women to ever live. Maryam (AS) is the mother of Jesus (PBUH). Her story holds such significance that she is the only woman mentioned in the Quran. A whole chapter dedicated to her and another is dedicated to her family. What sets Maryam (AS) apart is not only her status with Allah but she was a single parent both literally and figuratively. She was also known to be a leader among the women. 


This Abaya is such a beautiful piece to have in your wardrobe and you can wear it with so many different outfits. The sleeve is a dropped hem, which allows for more room in the chest and sleeve. 


Size Guide:

Small- Length:56" Chest: 44" Sleeve Length: 24"

Medium- Length: 56.5" Chest: 46" Sleeve Length: 24.5"

Large- Length: 57" Chest: 48" Sleeve Length: 25"

Extra Large- Length: 57.5" Chest: 50" Sleeve Length: 25.5"