Khadija (RA) Forest Green Knit Cardigan

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This piece is named after Khadija (RA) who was called the Mother of Islam as she was the first person on Earth to accept Muhammad (PBUH) as the final Prophet of God and accept the revelations that became the Quran. Khadijha (RA) was the wife of the Prophet (PBUH), she was a woman ahead of her times. Her father was a successful merchant, and this is where she inherited her fathers skills at a time in history when society was male dominated and dangerous. When her father passed away she took over the business and traded goods through the main commerce centers: Mecca-Syria-Yemen. 

Her business was larger than all the Quraysh trades combined. Khadija (RA) was one of the most successful women around. She had been married twice, and both marriages left her as a widow with children. She asked Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to marry her, whilst being 15 years older than him. She was such an amazing woman.

This forest green cardigan is a dream. It has a dropped hem sleeve which gives more room in the chest. It also has deep pockets and who doesn't love pockets!


Size Guide:

Small- Length:54" Chest: 44" Sleeve Length: 19.5"

Medium- Length: 55" Chest: 46" Sleeve Length: 20"

Large- Length: 56" Chest: 48" Sleeve Length: 20.5"

Extra Large- Length: 57" Chest: 50" Length: 21"