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Our next piece is named after Suzie Kandil who is 40 years old. Suzie went back to school in her 20’s and became an educational assistant. About 5 years later she became a librarian, and she loved it. Last year she went through a separation from her husband after 22 years of marriage and needed to find a better paying job. She loves working with people and she is very passionate about mental health awareness. She decided to go back to school and become an Addiction Counsellor. Suzie has been struggling with anxiety for 20 years and was put on medication to help control it. When asked what triggered her anxiety she explained that she got married right out of high school and had her first child at the age of 20. She had to worry about taking care of a house hold, working full time and taking care of her daughter. When asked what were the hurdles or obstacles she faced because of her anxiety she explained that she struggled with the simplest things. There were times that she wasn’t overwhelmed and would have a blown-out anxiety attack. She was put on medication and was told not to get stressed out (as if that was easy). There were days where it was so bad that she couldn’t get out of bed. She also remembers that there was a time where her anxiety was so bad that she was in and out of the hospital and was bed ridden for over two months. She had two young children at that point, she felt like she was a failure as a mother. She would have loved to be able to pinpoint the day the anxiety began but it wouldn’t really change anything, as this was part of her journey. Learning more about her anxiety and how this is related to a chemical imbalance helps her to understand it better. When asked what advice Suzie would give to someone who is dealing with anxiety she explained that she wants you to stay strong. Just because you are suffering from mental health doesn’t mean that it defines who you are, you ARE more than your illness! Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, neither is talking about it. Make sure you are kind to yourself and reach out for help, you will get through this. Suzie is committed to helping the youth in breaking the stigma about mental health. She has dedicated a lot of her time to talking to youth and tries to guide them as best as she can. She also loves to paint and do crafts as it calms her. 

We took our classic hoodie and just made it into a zip up. We love the kangaroo pockets on there. We loved the richness of the dark grey! This zip up hoodie is made out of cotton fleece. The model is wearing a medium in this hoodie. 


Size Guide:

Small: Chest: 44" Length: 39" 

Medium: Chest: 48" Length: 39"

Large: Chest: 52" Length: 40" 

Extra Large: Chest: 56" Length: 40"

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