Nadia Miller

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Our next piece is named after Nadia Miller who is 28 years old. Nadia is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. Ayurveda is the holistic healing science from India and utilizes a mind/body/spirit approach. It uses herbal medicine, nutrition, and aligning the body with cycles of nature for healing. The mental illnesses that Nadia deals with are Anxiety and Depression. When asked Nadia what triggered the anxiety and depression she explained that she deals with it off and on since she was about 18 years old. This year being on lock down really got to her, along with the widespread suffering that was experienced by humanity. When asked what were some of the obstacles and hurdles that existed due to her mental illness she explained that as a small business owner it’s so hard when the body and mind are depleted to the point that doing work feels impossible. She also adds the self criticism seeps in, and the cycle of anxiety and depression reinforces itself. When asked what advice would Nadia give to people dealing with the same mental illness as her she explained to seek help. She was lucky to be able to know what to do because of her training. She ordered herself some herbs, and put herself on a program. Within a month of the herbs showing up she was feeling *almost* back to her energetic self again. Nadia explained that she felt hopeless, like she had nothing to look forward to, that’s a very dark place to be. Always seek help, even if it’s hard or scary at first. 


We love everything about this top and it is all about the details. The cuffed sleeves on the shoulders allow for this elegant touch to take place. You can wear this top with or without a belt and you can also wear it as a dress. This top is made out of Terry fleece. 


Size Guide

Small- Chest: 39" Length: 34.5" Waist: 18"

Medium- Chest: 41" Length: 34.5" Waist: 19"

Large- Chest: 43" Length: 34." Waist: 20"

Extra Large- Chest: 45" Length: 34.5" Waist: 21"