Geraldine Kwurue- Long Sleeve Grey Asymmetrical Sweater

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This piece is named after Geraldine Kwurue who started her business The Cake Atelier 7 years ago. Geraldine creates the most intricate cakes and the most beautiful desserts you have ever seen. When asked Geraldine why she started her businesses she explained she’s always had a passion for baking. She would spend countless hours dreaming of making delicious and magnificent cakes but was too scared to take that leap. She started off slow when she was on maternity leave with her daughter Ariana. She would bake and hand them out to the neighbours and her friends for feedback. Some were honest and sent her back to the kitchen to keep trying. Fast forward to thousands of dollars spent, a lot of sleepless nights and an expanded waistline, she has been able to perfect not only her techniques and recipes but her general appreciation for quality all around. She is proud to say her business is growing in the right direction. The Cake Atelier was born not to just produce delicious cakes but to also fulfill her dream of being an artist. When asked what advice she has for women who want to start a business, Geraldine said to stay focused! It takes time and a lot of hard work for your dream to come alive. Surround yourself with like minded people and a village that will support and propel you during tough times (you will have many). Do not be afraid to fail, being uncomfortable is part of the journey. Lastly, and most importantly have FUN!


Our asymmetrical grey sweater with black accents has all the amazing features one can have in a sweater. We love the unique cut of it. This sweater is made out of terry fleece and has an over size fit. The model is wearing a size small.


Size Guide:

Small- Chest: 42" Length" 36"

Medium- Chest:44" Length: 36"

Large- Chest: 48"  Length: 37"

Extra Large- Chest: 50" Length 37"

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