Esmahan Abdallah- Feminist Sweater

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We are naming our next piece after Esmahan Abdallah who is a jewelry and textile designer. She and her sisters Amnna and Sara started Buno Design Clothing in 2014 in the UK.  In 2018 , Esmahan added Jewelry to the business  which is their main focus.  When asked Esmahan who inspired her to start her business she explained that it was born out of a necessity back in 2014 when Modest fashion was not available in the mainstream. When her and her sister decided to get married, they couldn’t find modest, modern and elegant wedding gowns that fit them so they decided to make them. From that point, they decided to fill the void of the modest evening wear void. She also states that they named their business after her grandfather, to carry his legacy. Her late father was always teased that having three daughters meant that his name would not be carried on, they proved them wrong and transformed his last name to an internationally celebrated brand. To add on the beautiful meaning of Buno it also stands for “Be Unique Not Ordinary.” When asked Esmahan what are some obstacles she has faced as a business owner she explains that they had no capital to start their own business. She remembers purchasing a sewing machine with her maternity leave money. As a young Black Muslim women, banks were not keen to loan them any money. BIPOC women are less likely to have access to financial and business support. Also the fashion industry is full of discrimination, racism and not amplifying the voices of BIPOC women in general. In addition, they faced many challenges in terms of production, marketing and selling bespoke garments to the Muslim community. Having to educate about fair pay and supporting slow fashion was the biggest challenge. Esmahan explains that loves every aspect of her design job and most of the time she has to pinch herself for doing what she loves as a job. She enjoys researching new concepts and transforming them into new sketches and design ideas. Her favourite part has to be the making process, nothing is more satisfying than seeing an idea flourish into a finished product. When asked Esmahan what advice she would give a woman wanting to start her own business she explained that although she isn’t an expert by any means, the one thing she would advise any woman who is starting a business is to choose a business that she is passionate about. She learned from her personal experience that if you go into a business purely for financial gain, you will burn out so fast before you even blink. Also do your homework, research and learn as much as you can on that industry you are going in. Networking is a great place to start to learn and gain new knowledge and experience. Lastly, there will never be the perfect time to start a business, so start whenever you can. Be prepared to fail and take those failures as a learning experience. 

We have heard so many of our customers asking for a longer version of our Feminist tops and so we listened and it finally came true. You can wear this item as a dress, with leggings or a pair of jeans! This sweater is made out of a Terry fleece material. 


Size Guide 

Small: Chest: 44" Length: 39" 

Medium: Chest: 48" Length: 39"

Large: Chest: 52" Length: 40" 

Extra Large: Chest: 56" Length: 40"