Dounia Mouallem- Long Sleeve Grey Knit Sweater

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Our next piece is named after Dounia Mouallem who is 20 years old. Dounia is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and a Corrective Exercise Specialist. In August of 2020 Dounia established Kid Fit Yeg with the goal of educating children on the importance of maintaining an overall healthy and active lifestyle. Growing up in a business oriented home, her parents work ethic in all aspects have inspired her. She watched her parents portray a genuine meaning of success. COVID-19  has been her biggest obstacle that she has faced as an owner, as she had to shut down and put all of her sessions on hold for 7 months due to the restrictions. Her favourite part of the job is that she is able to help motivate and inspire physical activity in her clients lives. What’s special about working with children for Dounia, is the joy and energy they bring into the sessions. The importance of children experiencing fitness at a young age allows them to inherit fitness habits and carry them into their adulthood with proper technique and form. Her advice to anyone who wants to pursue their dream and open up a business is to be authentic, genuine, and unique.  


We love this beautiful grey knitted sweater. Literally the perfect piece for the fall. We also love the details of this sweater. The slits on the side were intentional and the length of the sweater was also intentional. This piece is perfect for this fall season.


The material Composition: 100% Acrylic