Muna Elkurd Burgundy Crew Neck

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We have named this long crew neck after Muna El-Kurd. Muna is a political journalist living in Sheikh Jarrah, which is located in Palestine. Sheikh Jarrah is one of the most threatened neighbourhoods for eviction and displacement for the Palestinian people. What Muna feared for whole life happened in 2009, Israeli settlers took over half her house. Today she and her family faces the Israeli courts decision, which would ultimately evict them from the second part of their home. 

Muna Elkurd has been at the forefronts of the Palestinian resistance and really the face of what has been happening in Sheik Jarrah. She has been documenting everything on social media in real time, which has sparked an uproar by the international community and we love her for that. 

This crew neck is similar to our popular hoodie with a few differences. There is no hood and it is made out of thinner material. Perfect for breezy summer walks. The sweater is made out of Terry fleece. What we love the most about this crew neck sweater is the length of it.  We also want to remind you that this sweater is oversized!

Size Guide 

Small: Chest: 44" Length: 39" 

Medium: Chest: 48" Length: 39"

Large: Chest: 52" Length: 40" 

Extra Large: Chest: 56" Length: 40"

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