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Our next piece is named after Aisha Que, who is 25 years old. She completed her first degree in 2017 where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied psychology. Upon graduation, she moved to China to provide mental health counselling and taught introductory Psychology courses to high school students. She moved back to Calgary in 2018 to pursue an After Degree in Inclusive Elementary Education. She now teaches at an elementary where she teaches grade 4. The students that she teaches are Somali, Syrian, or Palestinian Muslim refugees who have experienced varying levels of trauma; she takes extra precaution in ensuring that her classroom is a safe space and an inclusive environment for everyone. She also is on the Administrative Operations as the English Language Learning Coordinator, to support children and teens (K-12) on their journey in learning and understanding English. 

When asked Aisha what mental illness she deals with she explained that she is a survivor with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her triggers and obstacles around her PTSD was explained when her older brother, Amir Qureshi, was murdered in Edmonton, Alberta in May 2013. Given she was freshly 18 years old and living in one of the roughest neighbourhoods in Edmonton, she did not fully process how this tragedy would affect her, her family, and her life as a whole. Aisha explained that she battles with feelings of depression and anxiety daily, some days are good and some days she feels like she’s living in a nightmare that she just can't seem to wake up from. With all the trials and tribulations that she has experienced in her life, she still is a true believer that with resiliency, grit, and determination; you can do absolutely anything if you set your mind to it. Although her diagnosis is a lifetime condition, she feels that it is a personal strength rather than a weakness. 

When asked what advice she would give to people dealing with the same mental illness, she explained that in a world that conditions us to believe that our purpose is productivity, we should challenge this notion by prioritizing ourselves and our mental well-being. Ultimately, her advice was to have faith in yourself, take a deep breath, and keep a supportive network of people around you. 

Some fun facts about Aisha is that she has competed on a national level bodybuilding stage in Toronto for Bikini Bodybuilding. As much as she is passionate about women’s access to mental health, she believes that physical health is just as important! She loves the feeling of going into a gym, letting out all the frustrations, and having the ability to just be in the moment. 

 The Black cardigan is such a perfect piece to own. We love the simplicity of it but also how bold it is. The black cardigan has balloon sleeves with a dropped hem on the sleeve. Its perfect for that oversized look that doesn't look sloppy. The model is wearing a size small. This black knit cardigan is made out of 100% Acrylic. 

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