Ahlaam Farah- Feminist Top

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Ahlaam Farah is 29 years old and got divorced at the age of 20, where she has one child. Ahlaam is a nurse and a talented artisan. Her biggest worry for her daughter is that she would feel the strain of her mother’s relationship with her father and that it would affect her negatively emotionally, and psychologically. Her biggest hopes for her daughter is that she grows up to be kind, strong, smart, and an educated woman who understands her worth and stands firm in her deen. She would also love to see her have a positive outlook on life and marriage, despite what she might go through in life or sees others going through. 

Ahlaams advice to other single moms: Be kind to yourself, even if you feel like the world is crumbling around you and you think you are not a good parent. Just know that you are being hard on yourself and that you are doing a great job even if you can’t see it in yourself in that moment. Also try your best to have time for yourself. This can look anyway you want it to, where you can unwind and focus on you as woman, an individual and not just as a mother, daughter, or a sister.

Our Feminist shirt is one of our best selling tops. The Arabic word is in the English Translieration of the word Feminist.


Small- Chest: 18" Length: 28"

Medium- Chest: 20" Length: 29"

Large: Chest: 22" Length: 30"

Extra Large: Chest: 24" Length: 31"