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Our next piece is named after Nahda Fares who is 41 years old and is a Hijab Artist. Nahda has been a Hijab Artist for the last 3 years. When asked who inspired Nahda to start her own business she explained that she first put on the hijab in 2002 shortly after her son was born. Like so many others, she learned from her mother how to quickly put on her hijab without much consideration for the look or feel of the hijab on her head. It was something that she struggled with, so for several years ago she began playing with different hijab styles. Her goal was to make the hijab a stylish component of her outfit and make it flow with her look. She sees so many women, whether they are young, old, new hijabis or seasoned vets worry that they see their hijab as a burden vs the beautiful expression of our religion that it is. She explains that she is inspired to help her sisters wear their modesty with pride and excitement. She started Pin and Flow three years ago after many people asking her to style their hijabs. This initiative has always been about the work and the smiles on the faces of her clients as they celebrate their exciting events. When asked Nahda what are some obstacles she faced as a business owner, she explained that her biggest obstacle is herself. To her, hijab styling is a creative outlet and something she was very nervous to share with others. She takes tremendous amount of pride in what she does, and the satisfaction of her clients weighs heavily on her. These are special events for her sisters and her goal is to make it a little bit more special. Nahda explains that her favourite part of her job is the people she meets. She has met so many amazing people and hearing their stories and being part of their big events has been so touching. She continues on to say that she is part of an unbelievable community, a collection of wonderful families and individuals connected by her religion and to experience a small, yet significant part of their lives has touched her deeply.  When asked what advice you would give to someone who wants to start their own business she said although this is cliche the best advice she can give to someone would be to just start. Your business will not look like what you originally envisioned, and support, friendships and partnerships will start to form once you put yourself out there. It is important to measure success from your personal journey and not in the growth of your business or wealth. 

This Cardigan is such a beautiful piece to have for your fall collection. What we love most about aside from the rich color is the balloon sleeves and length. It allows for a lot more room in the chest and arm area because of the dropped seam in the sleeve. This cardigan is oversized so we recommend either stay true to your size or size down. This knit cardigan is made up of 100% Acrylic. 


Size Guide

Small- Chest: 44" Length: 32"

Medium- Chest: 46" Length: 33"

Large- Chest: 48" Length: 34"

Extra Large- Chest: 50" Length: 35"