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Our short zipper top has come back in stock but in a different color. The color is a fusion of a navy and a royal blue, it is such a unique color. There are gold zipper embellishments on the side of the top. 

Small- Bust: 19.5" Waist: 34" Hip: 36" Sleeve Length: 23"

Medium- Bust: 20" Waist: 36" Hip: 38" Sleeve Length: 23.5"

Large- Bust: 21" Waist: 39" Hip: 41" Sleeve Length: 24"

Extra Large- Bust: 22.5" Waist: 42" Hip: 44" Sleeve Length: 25"


This piece will be named after Stacey who is 28 years old and is a Paralegal. Her mental illness is Bipolar disorder and Manic Depression.

Triggers: She doesn’t think it’s something that was triggered. She feels like she was born into it, and it's uncontrollable. Things will trigger it, ie. Dealing with law, family law, criminal law, and mostly her job can trigger it on a regular basis. The base of the manic depression and mood swings stem from abuse as a child (again, things a child/adolescent cannot control). It got worse as she got older. She found that within her family no one dealt with mental illness, so it went untreated until she was a teen and really realized she wasn’t the normal kid.

Hurdles due to the Mental illness: Being able to make friends was always hard, she always had friends but not meaningful ones because she felt like people couldn’t understand why she could go days or weeks without talking to them. She felt best in isolation. School was also very hard because half of the time she didn’t want to get out of bed to attend. There is a stigma that she felt will always go hand-in-hand with mental illness, and that's always hard to deal with.

Advice you would give someone dealing with Bipolar disorder or manic depression: It gets better, and she know its easy to say, but it does. The simple fact of life is you cannot control other people, or their actions, you can only control you, and your reactions, and that makes you who you are... and she wishes she had someone in high school tell her that its different after high school, and the people you're friends with then, you won't be with in your adult life.

Interesting things about Stacey: She really likes reading, and nerdy things and she devotes a lot of her time and efforts into animals and the well-being of children. She loves volunteering. People see her on the outside, with tattoos and assume that she is a certain way but that’s truly through their perspective, and she lives to prove people's ideas and characteristics wrong of what and who she is.


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