Shaymaa Rahme

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This piece is named after Shaymaa Rahme who has been teaching with Edmonton Public Schools for 13 years. She taught elementary and junior high and now is currently the Assistant Principal at Glengarry School. When asked Shaymaa why she picked teaching as her profession she explained that she went back to school and received her after degree in Education because she wanted to teach and help expand the Arabic Bilingual Program in the public school system. The Arabic Bilingual Program is an amazing one of a kind program in a public school system in Canada. It was developed through the hard work of many people in her community in Edmonton. It was very dear to her mother, along with others in CAFA, who helped in the continuation and expansion of the program. She always felt it was a great way to be connected to the youth of her community and to also have role models  for them from their community to connect with. When asked what was her favourite part about teaching she explained that it was connecting and helping the children and families she works with. Her role now as an Assistant Principal, its to work closely with families and to help support their children when needed. When asked what Shaymaa’s biggest struggle was when COVID forced schools to shut down she explained as Administration her school was asked to come into the building and not work from home. It was a struggle for her to walk into the building daily and have it be a ghost town, hallways that were filled with noise and kids were now just empty. She longed for the connection with her students. When asked what she was worried about for the school year she explained that this year is nothing like she has ever encountered or imagined. She has been back at school for the last 2 weeks trying to figure out all that is needed for her students, teachers, and families to be able to safely return to school and also giving all the supports for those who chose online learning. Her advice to her students for this new school year is to try and embrace these changes that they are facing as calmly as possible. It is definitely easier said than done, but she is always reminded by Allah’s words that 

فَإِنَّ مَعَ الْعُسْرِ يُسْرًا

“So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief”

So rest assured things will get better and we will get through this together. 


The model is wearing a medium and is 5'11. This navy crew neck only has one zipper on the side we wanted to try something a little different. It is a perfect fall sweater to have, you can dress it up or down. This top is the same material as our loungewear top. 



Small- Chest: 46" Length: 30.5"

Medium- Chest: 48" Length: 30.5" 

Large- Chest: 50" Length 31" 

Extra Large- Chest 52" Length 31"