Rola Mustafa- Black & White Maxi Zipper Dress

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$ 150.00 CAD
$ 150.00 CAD

We are naming our next piece after Rola Mustafa who is 37 years old. She came to Canada when she was 33 years old from Syria. In Syria, Rola had her Masters in International Commercial Law from the University of London, and worked as a HR and Legal Manager of an International Organization. Her current role in Canada is as a Refugee Support Manager. Rola recalls Syria being very beautiful, she never thought of leaving it even though she had many chances to do so. When she went for her masters in the UK she was constantly missing and yearning to go back to Syria, which she did as soon as she finished her studies. In 2012, her neighbourhood, where she was born and grew up, in Damascus became a war zone. She had to leave very early in the morning under the gunshots. Her brother was murdered and another brother was targeted but survived the attempt. She had to move to her dad’s city, which was safer at the time. Yet, in 2015 ISIS became so powerful and took over some of the neighboring villages. They killed tons of innocent civilians, burned houses, and kidnapped young girls. It was then when she decided to move to Canada and establish a new life for herself and from there be able to sponsor her family and rescue them from the plight of the century, the bloody civil war. When Rola first realized she was a refugee she felt that she would be perceived as lower class in her new home. She states that the biggest misconceptions are that refugees are dependent on the local people, they are a barrier to economic advancement, and they are not educated. She continues on to say that people have this preconceived notion that they are violent and backwards.  The hardest thing about being a refugee for Rola is that she had to start her journey from scratch, making new friends, looking for job opportunities and trying to have her education accepted in the new community where she intends to establish herself.  When asked what she missed most about Syria she stated she misses the simplicity of life, the abundance of time to rest, to do your favourite hobbies, living a constructive social life, and spending quality time with family and friends.  The advice she would give to new refugees is to be fully engaged in the community, learn from other people’s experiences. You are going to be introduced to various cultures, learn the best from each culture and be prepared to let go of some habits you grew up with.

Our black and white zipper dress is breathtaking. The little details are everything with this dress. The shoulders have a visible zipper detail, and the back of the dress has a visible zipper detail as well. The best part of this dress is that allows for a lot of stretch to take place! 

*The model is wearing a small*

Size Guide: 

Small- Chest:17" Waist: 31" Length: 62.5"

Medium- Chest: 18" Waist: 34" Length: 62.5"

Large- Chest:19" Waist: 36" Length: 63"

Extra Large- Chest: 20" Waist: 39" Length: 63.5"


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