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Kani grew up in Edmonton along with her family. Her parents are both originally Kurdish but lived in Iraq and immigrated to Canada in the 90’s due to the war. Kani has four other siblings and all have taken their shahada. Kani’s biggest influence in her life today would have to be her brothers, they took their shahada when they were young and before her as she is the youngest in the family. She explains that watching them evolve into respectful faithful men they are today, inspired her to take initiative and learn Islam for herself. The way they treated her parents with so much love and respect was amazing but most of all the faith they had in their hearts towards the religion of Islam was so beautiful and it was almost contagious as it encouraged her to want to learn and continue to explore the faith. When asked what attracted her to Islam she explained that the word Islam itself means peace, which she found so beautiful from the start. Each problem that you are faced with always has a solution. All the stories she would read about the Prophets or companions and the struggles they endured and to see how much faith and love they had towards Allah (swt) was astonishing. Trying to narrow it down to one word is tricky but she describes Islam as a fulfilment due to everything Islam has to offer. Kani explains that converting to islam was an easy process as you simply say a few words with such a powerful meaning. The difficult part for her was starting to adjust to her new life essentially. At first, she would always try not to make mistakes, the more she grew she realized that mistakes are bound to happen it’s something she couldn’t control to a degree and since coming to that realization has had an overall amazing life changing experience. When asked how she navigated her new identity as a Muslim and Canadian she explained that not much changed aside from incorporating her daily prayers and fasting the month of Ramadan. She did notice herself showing more respect to others that she didn’t know, acknowledging other peoples differences and having more patience then before and just becoming more kinder in general. She went on to explain that she feels like she has become more humble as an individual, which she is beyond grateful for. Kani explained the hardest part of being a new Muslim was learning how to pray, it was difficult for her because she didn’t know Arabic, she had no idea what was being said. She had to really take her time and learn each Surah and understand the words and meanings carefully as she taught herself, which has been her biggest accomplishment. When asked what the Muslim community can do better to support new converts she stated to just continue to support new Muslims as their journey has just begun. She paints a picture by saying “imagine yourself in our position as a new Muslim wanting to be welcomed and not be looked as the girl who converted.” When asked if she has ever dealt with Islamaphobia she states that she is thankful to never have dealt with those issues. She goes on to say that her advice would to show what Islam teaches and that is peace even though it is very hard when you are in that position yourself. 

We finally brought the most perfect hoodie. We wanted something long enough to pair it up with tights or some cute skinnies. You can wear this out or workout with it. We do want to emphasize that this hoodie is oversized.

*The model is wearing a small*

Size Guide:

Small: Chest: 44" Length: 39" 

Medium: Chest: 48" Length: 39"

Large: Chest: 52" Length: 40" 

Extra Large: Chest: 56" Length: 40"

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